Strata Inspections in Sydney

When buying an apartment or home unit a Strata Inspection Report is essential in obtaining information about the building that is not apparent from a visual inspection or any hidden costs you may be up for once you become the owner.  As an apartment or unit owner you can be responsible for issues which arise in and around the entire strata property, beyond the reach of your own apartment or unit.  

Our Strata Inspectors are experienced experts who can report on the records of Strata, Community and Company Title properties. We have extensive knowledge in the strata industry, ensuring we provide the most accurate and detailed Reports to help you make the right decision.

SIBI’s Strata Inspection Reports

Our comprehensive Strata Inspection Reports include:

  • Proposed Major Expenditure under consideration by the Owners Corporation
  • History of any Special Levies struck by the Owners Corporation
  • Evidence of Harmony issues in the building
  • Levies, Payments and Financial Statements

Other areas covered by our reports include:

  • Official Documentation including Managing Agent, Strata Roll, Executive Committee and Title Deeds
  • Maintenance Levies
  • Financial Extracts of Budgets
  • Minutes of Meetings
  • By-Laws including Approvals for Animals
  • Notices and Orders
  • Insurances Details
  • Fire, Asbestos and OHS Compliance

Our Strata Inspection Reports are carried out in accordance with the Strata Schemes Management Act (sec. 108).