1. Why should you get a property inspection report before buying or selling your home?

Building Reports

To the untrained eye a house may look good on the surface, however, only a qualified and accredited inspector with ‘extensive inspections’ experience will be able to tell you if there are any problems or issues you need to be aware of at a property. From a brand new home to a Victorian era cottage, all houses may contain defects and safety hazards; in some cases they are deliberately concealed by a seller to pass the problems onto an unsuspecting buyer!

At SIBI we aim to help buyers and sellers get a clear understanding of potential problems in a house and facilitate an open and transparent exchange of information during contract negotiations. Our comprehensive reports will also ensure sellers don’t encounter any costly surprises during the sale of a property. Our property inspection services are even sought after by many builders and engineers wanting professional advice from inspectors with ‘extensive inspections’ experience when they are buying their own homes.

If you are considering buying a property one of the first things you will need to do is get a building inspection report ……buyers who skip this step could find themselves with a property requiring major building repairs and long term problems.

Timber Pest Reports

Termites are a problem for home owners all over the world and if present on a property, can cost thousands of dollars to eradicate. These tiny insects can live for years in your home, destroying it from the inside out, and you may not even know they are there.

If you are considering buying a property one of the first things you will need to do is get a timber pest inspection report……buyers who skip this step could find themselves with a termite-infested property, and a number of long-term problems.

Strata Inspection Reports

As an apartment or unit owner you can be responsible for issues which arise in and around the entire strata property, beyond the reach of your own apartment or unit.

If you are considering buying an apartment or unit one of the first things you will need to do is get a strata inspection report……buyers who skip this step could find themselves paying unexpected levies for major building repairs or upgrades.

2. Can I be present during the inspection?

Yes, we offer a FREE fifteen (15) minute ‘Post Inspection Site Consultation’ should you wish to receive immediate feedback from your inspector.   We do, however, require the vendors and real estate agents consent for this and we can liaise with them on your behalf, and will confirm the time and day of the inspection with you.

3. Can I come to an office and discuss any aspect of your services?

Many other inspectors contract to national marketing driven organisations, which only exist in a virtual world driven by low fees and high volumes. You can never meet the owner and/or team member at their office as it does not exist.

We are a family business, large enough to provide you with the most professional and efficient services and small enough to care about each client. You are very welcome to pop into our office during business hours for a cuppa and have a chat about our services.

4. Can I phone the inspector to discuss aspects of the report I don’t understand?

Yes of course, our inspectors are available to discuss the contents of their reports you have difficulty understanding.

5. Can I phone the inspector to receive verbal feedback prior to receiving the report?

Our preference is for you to read the report first, however, we understand there may be times when urgent action is required to secure a purchase. We will happily provide you with verbal feedback after the inspection, however, it is strongly recommended that no action be taken solely on a verbal report.

6. How long has your business been operating?

Established in 1996 we are one of Sydney’s most experienced property inspectors. Preferred by leading property law professionals and real estate agents we provide truly INDEPENDENT, informative and ethical advice relating to building, timber pest and strata records matters.

7. What areas do you service?

Our standard coverage is for properties within the Sydney Metropolitan area. We do also service the Blue Mountains, Illawarra and Central Coast areas, however, a modest additional travel charge may apply as we do not subcontract our services to other inspectors. Request a quote.

8. Are your inspectors licensed and insured?

Since 16 September 2009, building consultancy work is no longer regulated under the Home Building Act in NSW. This means that building consultants carrying out inspections are no longer required to be licensed by Fair Trading.

According to Fair Trading NSWThis action was taken in response to a Council of Australian Government’s commitment to rationalise occupational licensing across Australia and cut red tape’.

Since the deregulation of our industry and abolishment of licencing there are more and more inspectors carrying out inspections, many with little or no previous ‘inspections experience’. We are also seeing many contractors exploited by national web marketing driven enterprises set up to benefit from the loopholes in the industry offering low cost inspections and are volume driven.

SIBI offers the peace of mind required when purchasing or selling your property – all of our inspections are carried out by employees of the company who are covered by professional indemnity insurance through Rapid Solutions Pty Ltd (Policy No AUS-14-6063).

9. To what standards are your inspections and reports carried out?

SIBI will conduct its:

Building Inspection Reports in accordance with AS4349.1-2007 Inspection of buildings – Property inspections – Residential buildings,

Pest Inspection Reports in accordance with AS4349.3-2010 Inspection of buildings Part 3: Timber pest inspections,

Strata Inspection Reports in accordance with Strata Schemes Management Act (sec. 108),

Specialist Building Reports in accordance with AS4349.0-2007 Inspection of buildings – General requirements, relevant Australian Standards, BCA and the applicable jurisdiction Expert Witness Codes of Conduct.

10. How do I book an inspection?

You can phone us on 8883 2273 and speak with our friendly staff, or you prefer can save time by filling out our convenient online form to request a quote.

We hope this information is of value to you and you choose SIBI to carry out your next property inspection. We look forward to helping you make the right decision!